MAREL Platino 400 flatenner


Warsaw, Poland

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ModelPlatino 400 flatenner


The Platino uses a unique technology to flatten meat and poultry products. Suitable for boneless, non-frozen pork and beef, the machines deliver portions that maintain both their quality and shape after flattening. Improved water holding capacity The new Platino twisted kneading drums helps create a product with improved water holding capacity, highly reduced bounce back and memory effect, still leaving the muscle integrity to perform as a whole muscle product with a meaty texture and good bite.By utilizing two drums that knead the meat instead of straight pressure flattening, the Platino prevents damage to the meat while retaining moisture in the product. When cooked, product from the Platino does not shrink back to its original shape. Features Special kneading technique with two rotating drums beneath the bottom belt Individual belt speeds for infeed, flattening and outfeed belt Powerful performance at high speed Easy to adjust and operate Hygienic and easy to clean