The RoteX Thawing® system is an advanced thawing system for food products, especially ideal for frozen fish blocks or individually frozen fish. The system provides full control over thawing time, water temperature, throughput per hour and energy consumption—all thanks to the ON-TRACK computer, which precisely regulates flow and temperature. The water in the tank is recycled through heat exchanger which regulates the temperature in the tank and ensures that the water temperature is evenly distributed throughout the whole tank. The patented side injection of water and air provides the right amount of pressure onthe product during thawing process so individual pieces separate faster. The system is designed to maximize product quality in the thawing process and minimize drip loss. Better yield is achieved by preserving more raw material—expected yield increases are between 1-5%. Also, thawing with low temperature inhibits bacterial growth and increases the surface quality of the product.

The RoteX Thawing® system is installed with an automatic infeed system so that the frozen product enters at a rate to optimize system capacity. The system is available in various sizes and the tank can hold product from  2.6 to 10 metric tons per tank. The total capacity of the system depends on the product type and block size.

ROI and Sustainability

The system uses a fraction of the energy required by defrosting chambers using heat and steam or microwaves and radio frequency systems. RoteX Thawing® also offters substantial water savings compared to conventional systems. Tub thawing systems use about 5 liters of water for every kg of fish, while the RoteX Thawing® system uses only 0.5 liters for every kg of fish.

Optional Additions

FiltreX: The Filtrex filterig system is an ideal addition to RoteX Thawing®  and is described by our customers as breakthrough equipment in terms of water savings. The Skaginn 3X FiltreX system makes it possible to re-use the same water while staying within recommended hygiene standards. The water usage and recycling costs are reduced significantly.

Fluid Ice system: Immediately after thawing the product should be chilled down and temperature-stabilized. This provides the best possible quality (in terms of color, shelf life, texture, yield, etc.). The Skaginn 3X Fluid Ice system is ideal for quickly chilling product after thawing and research has shown that chilling by fluid ice is superior to conventional chilling with flake ice in a number of ways.

RoteX Thawing
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More informations:
  • Application: Fish blocks
  • Capacity: 700-2500 kg/h
  • Application: Thawing


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