2004 MAREL IPM 3 X300


Warsaw, Poland

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ModelIPM 3 X300



  • Simple to operate and easy to access and clean
  • Graphical color display
  • Real-time observation and performance monitoring
  • Real-time portioning statistics
  • Remote service and maintenance via the Internet
  • Integrates with MPS (Marel's production control system)
  • Operates at a speed of up to 8 cuts per second
  • Capable of performing multiple cutting schemes simultaneously
  • Even greater accuracy can be achieved by adding a special inweighing unit
  • A weight grader can easily be applied after the portioning machine to grade and/or batch the portions
  • Easily adaptable to new products

The Intelligent Portioning Machine (IPM) combines conveying, weighing and built-in computer vision to produce accurately portioned food products. The IPM is equally well-suited for use in the fish, poultry and meat industries.

All models use a computerized vision system to accurately measure the volume of the product and a cutting blade to cut the product into portions. On all models, even greater accuracy can be achived by adding a special inweighing unit in front of the machine to weigh the product accurately before portioning. Similarly, a weight grader can easily be applied after the portioning machine to grade and/or batch the portions. The IPM integrates easily with MPS, Marel's production control system.

The IPM is accurate, reliable and fast, hygienic and easy to clean. The benefits of using the IPM are faster, more accurate portioning, higher yields, more throughput, increased productivity and reduced labor cost.

The IPM3 is ideal for high-value portioning of products. It is suitable for use with salmon, whitefish, whole fish, poultry fillets, and various meat products. Using state-of-the art 3-D laser vision technology, the system automatically evaluates each piece before cutting. The cutting pattern is determined by a cutting program and parameters pre-selected by the production manager by way of a few keystrokes on the unit's M3000 Controller. The IPM then automatically calculates the most economic cut configuration according to the selected program.

Operating at a speed of up to 8 cuts per second, the IPM3 can perform multiple cutting schemes simultaneously, so increasing throughput and optimizing yields. By the unit's M3000 color graphical controller, the cut pattern can be selected and adjusted either directly at the plant, or from a remote location virtually anywhere in the world.

Simple to operate and easy to access and clean, the IPM3 runs entirely on electricity, with no need for air connections for pneumatics. The unit's system of sprocket-driven perforated belts ensures that the belts never have to be adjusted and gravity tension is always even and correct.