2014 MEYN D40


Warsaw, Poland

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The Meyn D50 and D100 deboners are regarded as the industry benchmark for high capacity production of deboned thigh or drum meat. The systems are characterised by their simplicity, resulting a virtually meat free bone combined with a minimum of adjustments and maintenance.

The D50 thigh deboner can mechanically debone anatomical thighs at a maximum capacity of 3,000 products per hour. The thighs are supplied to the stand alone machine by using e.g. a belt conveyor. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a knuckle saw which allows the processing of drumsticks on the same machine.

With a capacity of 6,000 products an hour, the Meyn D100 deboner offers very high yield and extremely low bone content on a compact floor space. In the standard version the machine processes thighs only, but with the optional tendon cutter installed it will also process drumsticks at an excellent yield.


Thighs can be supplied to the Meyn thigh deboner using a belt conveyor, which can be positioned underneath the infeed. This belt conveyor is not included in the scope of supply.

One operator loads the thigh into the product holder. Subsequently, the product holder takes the thigh through a sequence of deboning steps integrated in a carousel mechanism:

  • The product is positioned by the probe
  • The thigh joint is pushed gently through the rubber diaphragm, while the thigh meat, including knee cap, remains on the product holder
  • The bone is released from the diaphragm
  • The deboned thigh meat with or without skin is discharged on a separate location
  • The rubber diaphragm diameter to be used depends on product live weight and maturation time. The optimum diameter is determined on site empirically. A set of diaphragms with different diameters is delivered with every machine

After deboning, the only remaining operations are trimming and quality grading. A standard Meyn trimming table can be integrated very easily. The number of trimming operators depends on customers requirements. Note that the knee cap will come together with the deboned thigh meat, due to the applied method.


Option for the D50 deboner:

  • Knuckle saw for deboning of drumsticks
  • The knuckle saw separates the knuckle from the drumstick prior to deboning, effectively releasing the meat from the bone on the knuckle side. With this unit installed, the machine will debone thighs or drumsticks. Switching between the two will take a few minutes


Option for the D100 deboner:

  • Tendon cutting unit for deboning of drumsticks
  • The heel tendon is cut automatically just before the drumstick is supplied to the deboning carousel. With this unit installed, the machine will debone thighs or drumsticks. Switching between the two will take about 10 minutes


  • Simple process of mechanically pushing the bones through a rubber diaphragm
  • Very high yield and extremely low bone content
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Can easily be integrated
  • Sturdy construction