2012 GEA/CFS TwinStar


Warsaw, Poland

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Fully automatic high speed Traysealing machine for preformed trays - made of plastic or aluminum material - in combination with topfilm obtained from suitable reel.

Dividing Belt:

- Infeed / dividing belt for feeding and dividing of trays (from 1-line to 2-lines) from upstream appregates.

- Incl. 2 dividing arms (1x right/1x left).

- Belt-length: approx. 1.350 mm - 2-lanes

- Belt-width: 2x approx. 200 mm


- Machine execution with stainless steel parts and meal conform plastic material.

- Firm stainless steel frame as welded and sand blasted construction ensuring a high torsional stiffness and stability.

- Stainless steel frame with adjustable height feet (+/- 20 mm)

- Product flow from right to left (considered from operator side)

- Vertically opening safety doors in the tool area of the machine made of stainless steel with punched plate.

- Security covers made of stainless steel which can be swivelled upwards on the infeed and outfeed area with punched plate.

- Hinged control cabinet doors made of stainless steel

- Tray transport via flat belts with quick release system for disassembly for cleaning without tools.

- Out-feed conveyor drive via frequency inverter for smooth interface with downstream equipment such as lane converger, labellers, lidder etc.

- Servo motor control of tray carriers allowing highest transfer speed and smoothest tray handling in relation to the type of product.

- Servo motor driven knee lifting system of tool

- Mandrels for reel unwind and rewind with pneumatic reel fixation

- Film position control via Dancer-Arm-System for Top Film

- Film reel exhaustion control

- Wide sealing area: approx. 930 x 380 x 110 mm

(special execution: depth up to 140 mm)

- Built-in Busch Vacuum pump, Capacity: 250 cbm/h

- Integrated CFS control system. Control panel with 10,5" colour touch screen mounted on a 180° swivel arm

- Up to 200 programs can be stored. Data transfer for parameter saving via USB interface

- All necessary operating parameters are displayed, automatic control of sealing temperature as well as troubleshooting etc on different password levels.

- Optionally performance analysis are displayed via "CostFox" software

- Machine execution according to currently valid European security and hygiene regulations .

- Maintenance unit with pressure controller, air filter

- Gas: gas flushing system, (modified atmosphere O² < 21%)

incl. 2 Stainless-Steel gas-buffer-tank 10 ltr. each

- Infeed Transport Belt (integrated in machine):

Belt 1: Length approx. 830 mm - 2-lanes

Belt 2: Length approx. 960 mm - 2-lanes

Belt-width: 2x approx. 160 mm

- Outfeed Transport Belt (integrated in machine):

Belt-length: approx. 1.800 mm - 2-lanes

Belt-width: 2x approx. 160 mm

- 3-coloured stacking lamp for displaying operating states

- Machine dimensions:

Length: approx 4,620 mm

Width: approx. 960 mm

Height: approx. 2,500 mm

Infeed/outfeed height: 950 mm (+/- 20 mm)

- Protection class control cabinet: IP 55

- Protection class tool supplies: IP 67

- Voltage: 3 x 400 Volt+N+PE, +/- 10%, 50 Hz

- Nominal current: 42 A

- Power consumption: 23 kW

- Nominal width Pneumatic: 6 bar / 900 nl/min.


- Achieves the highest hygiene level thanks to fully stainless steel

execution with self-draining surfaces.

Maintenance / Cleaning

- Perfect accessibility to the machine from both sides for die change-

over, cleaning and maintenance

- Low running costs due to high quality components and easy access to all

machine modules. The lifting station is maintenance free, only few

lubrication points inside the machine.


- Easy dismounting of conveyors belts for cleaning, quick replacement of

knives (within 10 minutes at dismounted format)

- Die top and bottom part removal with precise mechanical docking system.

Enables the die changeover within less than 10 minutes thanks to the solid

die-set trolley. Easy and quick dismounting / mounting of the tray


- Individual temperature control of sealing heads (with max. 6 circuits)

for high reliability and fast heat-up.

- The TwinStar9 can be executed in a one-lane ore double-lane version.

Capacity / Efficiency

- High speed and efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art machine- and drive

technology, mostly servo drives.

- High production output based on a large sealing area (930 x 380 x 110 mm)

- Vacuum pump: possibility for located inside the machine up to 300 cbm/h.


- Safety is assured thanks to 850 mm free space between tray carriers and

in-feed/out-feed doors.

- Certified system in case of an application with high level of oxygen

allows the utilization of a standard vacuum pump.

- Protruding object detection (POD) supports avoidance of tray crash and

machine / format damage, caused by protruding products in the tray (Option)

Complete Die-set for MAP application - sealing with modified atmosphere.

Two-lanes die configuration. Tray running direction either wide edge

leading or narrow edge leading (depending application, capacity and tray

size) Basic die-set concept designed to run tray depths from min. 15 mm

up to max. 110 mm

The Die-set consists of the following parts:

Topside die-part including sealing heads and knives (either inside cut

or outside cut is possible, depending application and materials)

Bottom side die-part including sealing frame and support plates

2 Tray transport arms, for moving trays into sealing area and

discharging sealed packs. The technical design of the tray transport arms

allows the working with different heights of Trays without modification.