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ModelStork NTech HD


Process overview

The proposed system has a slaughter capacity of approximately 7000-9000 broilers per h.


Live birds are received in the arrival zone and manually hang on the overhead conveyor. From there

bird is automatically taken to the electrical high frequency stunner and cut, next goes through

bleeding chute, scalder and plucker. The end of the killing line includes head puller, hock cutter and

hooks washer.


From the killing area the bird is transported to the evisceration area where he runs through following

processing machines; ventcutter, opener, eviscerator, in/out washer, final inspection, cropper, neck

breaker. Intestines are automatically hangout and processed manually on inspection table.


After the evisceration area the birds must be cool down. We are offering complete 1100 m air chilling

line with all shackles, trolleys, drive etc.


For the chicken cut up and deboning we are offering newest cut-up line with all

HY modules. All kind of cuts can be performed on the line depending on the specification and current

production requirements.

Scope of delivery

Complete refurbished STORK chicken slaughterhouse with capacity 7000 - 9000 BPH. Year of

manufacture 2007

Section 1 - Killing area

Electric stunner

Control cabinet for the stunner

Throat cutter

Bleeding chute

Water scalder

3 pneumatic pluckers 6 shaft each

Head puller

Leg cutter

Leg unloader

Shackle washer

New galvanized chain – 120 m

SS trolleys – ca 780 pcs

SS shackles – 780 pcs

SS inner shackles – 780 pcs

Inner chain – ca 120 m

Pipe truck SS – ca 100 m

SS corners – 12 pcs

SS tensioner

Drive motors – 3 pcs

SS construction – complete

Control cabinet

Stork NTech HD ( upto 3 kg ). 7000 bph capacity

- automatic transfer system TRDE

- ventcutter/opener VOC 20

- evisceration NUTECH NOUVA 20

- neck cracker NT 16

- neck skin inspection machine NIC NT20V

- in/out washer RWNT 16

- intestin/gall bladder remover PGI NOUVA

- liver harvester PLH NOUVA

- drum washer

- gizzard cutter PEC

- intenstin pack unloader

- heart/lung separator

- shackle washer

- inspection station

- plucker

- track, chain, trolleys