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The CRYOLINE®XF is a high-performance spiral freezer built for relatively large production capacities. The patented CRYOLINE®XF techn ology delivers twice the heat transfer rate of standard cryogenic spiral freezers, making it twice as powerful. In addition, the CRYOLINE®XF has a smaller footprint, a higher production capacity and a higher effi ciency than existing cryogenic spiral freezers. The CRYOLINE®XF is the perfect choice for a wide range of high-quality food products: meat proteins, ready meals, seafood, bakery products etc. It is suitable for the most diffi cult high-temperature and high-moisture products, such as cooked poultry, seafood and prepared meals. Freezing with cryogens allows for a very low operating temperature and thus a very fast freezing action. This preserves the quality and shape of the product, and provides increased product yield. The CRYOLINE®XF technology employs either nitrogen or carbon dioxide as cryogenic medium, which ensures maximum effi ciency.


Voltage 3 ph (3/N/PE) 380–500 V 50/60 Hz (power) 24 vdc (control)

Liquid connection type 1"/25.4 mm NPT or vacuum-insulated pipework or similar

Vapor connection type ½"/12.7 mm NPT

Exhaust system

Number of connections 3 (1 in-feed (10"/254 mm), 1 out-feed (8"/203 mm) and 1 central

(10"/254 mm))

Belt washer connections

Fitting size 1"/25.4 mm NPT


B48-12/16-16 Grid-style belt with mesh overlay

B72-12/16-17 Standard option

Belt turn ratio 1.1:1

Overall belt width 30"/762 mm

Usable belt width 28"/711 mm

In-feed height (top of belt) 32"/813 mm

Out-feed height (top of belt) 85"/2,159 mm

Product constraints

Max. product height 4"/101 mm

Freezer dimensions

Height 10.5 ft/3,200 mm with legs

Leg adjustment 4"/101 mm

Freezer width 13.2 ft/4,024 mm closed, 16.8 ft/5,120 mm door open

Overall length 21.2 ft freezer – 24.2 ft in/outfeeds

– 27.3 doors open

646 cm freezer – 737 cm in/outfeeds

– 832 cm doors open

Freezer weight Approximately 18,000 lb/8,165 kg