2011 MAREL GP live bird container system


Warsaw, Poland

orCall +48 505 131 190


ModelGP live bird container system
Capacity13500 BPH
GP conteiners800 pcs


The GP live bird supply system is the perfect solution for efficient and safe container transport of live birds from grower up to the shackle in the processing plant. The system enables a good logistic start of your process.

Heart of the system is the GP container, with a design that is perfect for the welfare of the bird and good for the ergonomics of the loader. The container is durable and easy to clean, a necessity for long problem free logistics and the prevention of contamination.

The system offers all levels of automation, including automatic de-stacking and complete automatic disinfection, to minimalize bacteriological contamination.

  • Optimum access to containers, minimized risk of damage during catching and loading
  • Air-Flo sliding floors ensures optimum ventilation for birds
  • Automatic, controlled unloading of ducks from containers
  • Improved working conditions, labor savings
  • Fully automatic washing, cleaning and disinfection
  • Integrated weighing, product detection and dust extraction are optionally available

  • Efficient up to the highest available processing capacity
  • Easy accessible containers for improved working conditions
  • Optimum hygiene with full automatic washing, cleaning and disinfection programs
  • Labor saving (compared to manual supply)