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Boost your small-scale fish production

This high-performance, refurbished small pelagic fish processing line is the perfect solution for maximizing efficiency and profitability in your small-scale operation.

High throughput - exceptional yield

This innovative line boasts a processing capacity of 2,000 kg per day, effortlessly handling fish between 10 and 20 cm in size. With processing speeds of 35-45 fish per minute, you'll experience significant gains in throughput and productivity.

Precision processing - optimized for quality

Engineered for both efficiency and exceptional product quality, this state-of-the-art line delivers precision processing for consistent results. This minimizes waste and maximizes your yield, ensuring you get the most out of your catch.

Compact design - big impact

The space-saving design makes this line ideal for facilities with limited space. It seamlessly integrates a bulk feeder, orientation unit, and nobbing machine, providing a smooth and efficient processing experience from start to finish.