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ModelRVF 327


RVF 327 Simple operation everyone understands RVF 327 is designed for small and medium-sized companies with frequently changing varieties and normal quantities. The series 300 is characterised by reliable, quick and easy cleaning, minimal leftovers and low energy costs. The rotary vane conveyor system made of wear-resistant stainless steel guarantees a long service life and the highest product quality. It ensures gentle transport of the meat emulsion and minimum air pockets in the final product. The 12“ touchscreen control is very simple to use and designed to meet the industry's requirements. The clipper socket, which is a standard feature, permits the operation of automatic clipping machines and/or additional machines. The folding hopper is available in volumes of 100 and 160 litres. The RVF 327 vacuum filler can also come with a servo drive system on the holding device which helps prevent tearing of natural casings (RVF 327 S) The RVF 327 and 330 can also be equipped with a rotating or fixed casing holding device. This makes it easier to twist artificial or natural casings.