2011 PERUZA Grader


Warsaw, Poland

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PERUZA Style Grader + PERUZA Fish lifter- transporter + PERUZA Sorting machine service platform (2011) For small pelagic fish sorting. 


Application: the fish grading line is designed for calibration of small size fish by their thickness - from 15 up to 80 pcs/kg (Baltic herring, sprat, etc.).  

Design: the fish grading line consists of elevating conveyor with fish hopper tank, fish grading machine and cross-conveyors. 


PERUZA Style Grader 

6 fish size grades by thickness - from 15 up to 80 pcs/kg 

For Baltic herrings and sprats  

Performance: up to 25 t/h 

Length: 5.65 m; width- 2.02 m; height- 2.47 m 

Conveyor chain type “UNI CHAINS” PP-PP uni MPB-22%; W=1457 mm 


Power supply: 

Power: 0.55 kW 

Rpm: 10 

380 V/3 f/ 50 hz 


Conveyor drive: 

Power: 0.37 kW 

Rpm: 25 

380 V/3 f/ 50 hz 


PERUZA Fish lifter- transporter 

Performance: up to 20 t/h 

Speed: 6- 25 m/min (adjustable) 

Length: 6.0 m; width: 2.2 m; height: 3.2 m 

Conveyor inclination: 36° 

Batch capacity: 3.0 m3