2017 MAYEKAWA Toridas



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The TORIDAS Whole Leg Deboning System can debone up to 200 legs per minute in a compact system footprint – even as it delivers the highest reliability available in the industry.

The TORIDAS Whole Leg Deboning System offers ...

  • High yield and quality: The TORIDAS utilizes a simple-yet-effective measuring system based on electronic sensors and proximity switches, which allows the machine to perform precision cuts that leave the kneecap attached to the bone. That means you obtain maximum yield.
  • Flexibility: You can process up to 200 legs per minute, the system is designed with a single point of loading, multiple configurations adapt easily to your production requirements and floorspace, more units can be added now or later to accommodate changing production demands, the system is configurable for all lefts … all rights … or left-and-right deboning operations.
  • Reliability: The system makes sure that your production never stops! For example, on a 6-unit system processing 100 legs per minute, if one unit requires maintenance or repairs you can still process 83 legs per minute. Moreover, the TORIDAS measuring system, designed using low-cost proximity switch technology, is easy to maintain and service. Repairs can be made easily by your in-house maintenance staff.