Uni-food p400quadro pin-bone remover


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ModelUni-food p400quadro pin-bone remover


The Pin-bone Remover 400 is an automatic pin bone remover machine developed especially for salmon and trout. It comes in a single, double, quadro, and six-version which indicates the sets of knives and rollers.

Salmon pin bone removal for your capacity need

The automatic machine removes 90-95% of all the pin-bones, whether the fillet has been pre-handled in a filleting machine or if it is hand-cut. The capacity of the machine depends on the model, allowing a range from 10 to 50 fillets to be pin boned.

For the removal of the small neck bones, the neck bone roller (NK) is an option. When the neck bone roller is included, the efficient removal of pin bones means that only few resources are needed to remove a very small amount of needle bones after the end of the process.

The roller elevating system in the Pin-bone Remover 400 lifts the rollers off the fillet when there are no more pin bones to remove, ensuring no loss of yield in the end part of the fillet. The system also ensures that the rollers apply only as much pressure onto the fillet as needed to remove the pin bones. This, in turn, ensures no loss of yield in the pin boning process.


The automatic machine works as a one-way flow with automatic in-feed.

The Pin bone Remover 400 uses water for cleaning the roller and knife when processing fresh fillets, and air is used with smoked fillets. The standard machine comes with water cleaning, but, as an option, it can be mounted with both water and air connection to be used for both kinds of products.

The machine is robust as it has a strong stainless-steel construction. All parts are produced in FDA-approved materials.