MAREL 2730 Salmon filleting machine


Warsaw, Poland

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The fish is fed into the machine belly down, which makes the infeed much easier and faster. An additional set of circular knives cuts the fish from vent to tail. This cut raises yield, as the meat close to the center bone is included in the fillets. For the belly bone cut, 4 sets of finger pressures secure maximum control of the fish and enable optimum cutting of both pre-rigor and post-rigor fillets. The result is high-quality fillets with higher yield and output. The MS 2730 automatically adjusts to various fish sizes, so there is no need to adjust once the program has been switched on. The MS2730 can process up to 25 fish per minute, depending on the length of the fish. With the built-in system for measuring the fish´s profile and size, the electronically controlled cutting tools can automatically adjust the filleting program to the fish´s size and shape. The result is higher throughput, quality and yield depending on trim specifications. With the optional small fish kit installed, the MS 2730 is capable of filleting fish weighing from 500 g up to 4 kg. 

Capacity:Up to 25 fish/minute

Fish size:1,5-8 kg

Power consumption:5.5 kW

Water consumption:15 liters/min

Electricity:3 x 400V + N + PE / 3 x 220V + PE

Air supply:230-240 l/min at 7-8 bar

Dimensions L x W x H:  3150 x 1035 x 1980 mm