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ModelThawing tunnel


Fish Tech Solutions offers a fully integrated in-line defrosting system using proven technology to increase productivity and product quality.

Our solution eliminates all tanks (tubs) in the defrosting process, while limiting the movement of forklifts.

Defrosting and equalizing the temperature in the product takes place in the thawing tunnel and spinners that can be integrated in the line with the further processing of the fish.

Our priority is to provide raw material with a constant temperature of around -1 ° C, which is optimal for further processing of fish, resulting in better yields, line optimization and water retention in the product.

·    Full control

The system controls the temperature and time of the inlet and outlet defrosting process.

· High yield

The quick and fully controlled defrosting process minimizes water loss in the product ensuring high yield.

·    Product quality

Low thawing temperature reduces the risk of bacterial growth and damage to external surfaces, resulting in better product quality and freshness.

One Operator

Only one operator is required to operate the plant


The hygienic design with an optional water filtration system allows the recycling and purification of water, increasing energy and water savings while maintaining the highest sanitary standards.

The defroster is designed, depending on the options, both for defrosting fish and vegetables. In the option of vegetables, a different conveyor belt is used, as well as other types of spraying nozzles. The defroster is a tunnel type device. The performance of the defroster depends on the product and its transit time.

The product is thawed by spraying with water heated to 7-13 ° C. The water circuit is cleaned by coarse filters as well as rotosito and the water circulates in a closed circuit. It is taken from the bottom of the device by a pump and fed to the shower system. The water is heated with saturated steam by the heater. The time for defrosting the product according to the selected option depends on the product that needs to be defrosted. The product is placed by the operators on the conveyor (1) of the defroster. Then it is sprayed with water from one side, after passing through the upper conveyor, it slides down onto the lower conveyor (2). On the chute, the product is turned over and sprayed from the other side. Depending on the selected option (the purpose of the defroster), feeding of the raw material is possible via a feeding conveyor or by manual feeding by the operator.