Baader 605


Warsaw, Poland

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Baader 605 Soft Separator

Superb condition Baader 605 from 2009. Ideal machine to process/separate many types of poultry, meat, vegetable and fish products.

The capacity is up to 3.500 kg per hour.

This particular machine has a ‘pusher system’ installed to help ‘push/press’ products into the very squeeze of the machine. This pusher system prevents products blocking the whole production which could lead to a pause in production. The machine has a sensor installed to pause the machine while product is not being fed to the machine.

The Baader 605 has done very little production and therefore in new condition. Find photo’s in the photo-album to have an idea of its condition.

Delivered with;

  • 2 x Drums – 3 mm
  • Trolley to replace drums for cleaning or swapping.
  • Knives to clean the drum during production.
  • Pusher system installed.
  • 2 x pressure belts (1 new and 1 in usable condition).
  • Meat scraper in the drum. This to remove ‘processed’ product from production.
  • Manuals.

General information from Baader:


  • Worldwide proven method for separating soft and solid components
  • Desinewing from meat and poultry
  • Fish Mince from trimmings, standard fillets, collar bones, bones, etc.
  • Puree and juice production from fruits and vegetables
  • Depackaging of small packages

A variety of raw product can be refinedusing this method.

A squeezing belt feeds the product toa perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum. The ratio between yield and quality can be influenced by means of adjusting the pressure roller.

BAADER guarantees highest yield and a superior quality.