2017 Hermasa Flash Pack


Warsaw, Poland

orCall +48 505 131 190


ModelFlash Pack
Can120 g


300 cans per minute.

Productivity with the highest efficiency

Available in various formats, attaining speeds of 200 cans per minute (according to fish size and format), with fourteen to sixteen operators.

When the fish is positioned in the buckets, designed and patented by Hermasa, the machine cuts off the fish head and tail using blades and carries out evisceration using suction from a vacuum pump, then washes the fish and employs a mechanical system to transfer the fish to the can, leaving it ready for cooking.

This provides efficient evisceration and maximum speed with a reduced number of personnel.

According to requirements, it can be fitted with additional cuts to obtain steaks or be used with already de-headed and eviscerated fish (as a packer only).

Constructed in AISI-304 stainless steel.

Supplied with EC.