ConTech™ IQF Contact Freezer


Warsaw, Poland



ApplicationIQF for fish poultry and meat
Capacity500-5000 kg/h
Power supplyCO2, Freaon, Ammonia


The ConTech™ IQF Contact Freezer is ideal for freezing poultry products, scallop, salmon, lobster and pelagic fish, where yield, quality and shape are a concern. The freezer is very flexible and can handle various products and sizes. The freezer features a patented contact belt (TCAB) which contact-freezes the product from below while the product is simultaneously crust-frozen from above with airflow. The unique design of the freezer ensures quality appearance, as the contact belt leaves no belt mark on the product. The freezer is designed to maximize product quality and has extremely low yield loss, as low as 0.2% (depending on product type). The freezer has multiple levels of conveyors and is separated into crust freezing conveyors and full freezing conveyors. This layering of conveyors increases the exposure time inside the freezer and ensures that the product is fully frozen when it exits the freezer. The ConTech™ IQF Contact Freezer is designed to run throughout the week without complete defrosting, which results in energy and labor savings. Equipment outside the freezer’s enclosure can be cleaned every day without interfering with the freezer’s operation. After working hours, the freezer can be set to overnight storing mode full of product. The benefit of this is that no time is wasted during working hours while start the freezer up in the morning and/or waiting for it to empty in the afternoon.