Pisces FR 200 filleting machine


Warsaw, Poland

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ModelFR 200
ApplicationTrout, Salmon, Tilapia
Speed60 f/min
SubsubcategoryFR 200
Dimensions107 x 191 x 122 cm
Power supplyWater usage 12 L/min


Pisces Filleting machine FR -200 Filleting – Trout, Salmon, Tilapia

The Pisces FR-150 and FR-200 are reliable, versatile, high-speed filleting units specially designed for the production of single fillets free of backbone and ribs. Only minor adjustments are required to process a wide variety of fish species and sizes due to the machines’ unique location method that utilizes the internal bone structure of the fish. Method of Operation An operator places the head-off fish onto the feed system between the feed rollers which carry the fish into the drive belts. (Infeed systems for either eviscerated or non-eviscerated fish are available.) The drive belts then transport the fish over the belly cutting blades and belly cleaning wheel and past the backbone removal blades. The backbone and offal are ejected into the waste chute and the two separate halves of the fish are located onto rib guides for transportation past the rib removal blades. The ribs are then removed and ejected into the waste chute, and the two fillets are placed skin-down onto a discharge conveyor. The FR-150 is specially designed to accommodate fish in the size range of 3 oz. to 16 oz., such as Lake Perch, Bass, Trout, Bream and Garfish. The FR-200 is suitable for a variety of fish in the size range of 12 oz. to 4 lbs (0.35 kg - 1.9kg)., including Trout, Ocean Perch, Lake Perch, Redfish, Whitefish, Walleye, Tilapia, Mullet, Salmon, Mackerel, Bass, Sea Bass and Sea Bream.