MAREL Sensor X-Ray 23


Warsaw, Poland

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ModelSensor X-Ray 23


Unrivaled detection capabilities

SensorX’s industry-leading X-ray technology detects bone and other hard contaminants, such as metal, stone and glass, with unprecedented accuracy and reliability. This not only increases the quality of the product but also minimizes the risk of recalls and customer complaints.

Less rework and less labor

SensorX has a false-positive rate of just 3%—the lowest in the industry. The system can also detect bone fragments down to 2 mm with 99% reliability, which is more accurate than any other system available. This means less over-trimming, less rework and product handling, fewer operators and improved product quality.

Protect and enhance your brand

SensorX is your guarantee to customers and consumers that they will always get safe, high-quality products from your brand. For many years SensorX has set the poultry industry standard for bone detection. The system has built a reputation amongst global food processors as the most accurate, consistent and reliable way to detect and reject bone.


Benefits of Innova for SensorX

·         Real-time monitoring and control

·         Data collection gives insight to optimize processing

·         Enhances traceability and quality assurance

Monitor and improve performance

The Innova module for SensorX Poultry lets you monitor and control your processing in real time. The software provides live dashboards showing data for key performance indicators such as throughput, infeed quality and bone rate. They give you a clear overview of actual production so that you can monitor and compare quality between process lanes, shifts and lots. This allows you to quickly and easily implement improvements where necessary to secure high quality products.

Get operational insight 

Historical data on all throughput is collected and stored in the Innova database. Standard reports can then be created giving you an insight into operational performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It also gives a clear overview of multiple SensorX lines in one systems.