2007 Cabinplant sprat/herring processing line


Warsaw, Poland

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ManufacturerCabinplant sprat/herring processing line


Cabinplant pelagic fish (herring/sprat) processing equipment

A. Fish trays with Transporters raising wide pieces of three - they were standing outside

B. Vibrating orientators, three pieces - high with a hopper

C. Cutters (Nobber) Machines for processing sprat by the company: Cabinplant 6 pieces for processing sprat / herring - enabling cutting off heads, tails and suction of guts. IMPORTANT with 10 narrow conveyors to collect a single sprat from the vibrating table

D. A set of Transporters that discharged carcasses and waste - stood in the last room

E. Platforms and stairs above the transporters

Tripe suction system with pumps and a cylindrical tank - two vacuum pumps. - to be confirmed

Each cutter has its own control cabinet - next to one of the cutters there was one cabinet for transporters and tanks