LINCO Evisceration line


Warsaw, Poland

orCall +48 505 131 190


ModelEvisceration line


Refusrbished Linco 8 " Evisceration line including following Items;

  1. Ventcutter CW 12 units – hydraulic adjustment
  2. Opener CW 12 units – hydraulic adjustment
  3. Eviscerator CW 18 units – hydraulic adjustment
  4. Intesnstine automatic hanging system
  5. Final control unit CC 12 units
  6. In/out washer CC 12 units
  7. Cropper CC 18 units
  8. Neck breaker CC units
  9. Intenstine table
  10. Complete SS pipe line with drive motors, corners, tensioner, shckles, trolleys, chain 120
  11. Complete SS construction for the line
  12. Control cabinet

The line is suitable for poultry processing; chicken avarage and big size.

The evisceration process is the most important of any poultry processing plant. This is where the bird is prepared for consumption or secondary processing..