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Warsaw, Poland

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FISHTECS together with Polish associated suppliers offers complete solutions for fishing vessels, from design,  through the production of machines, assembling, installation and start up.

We specialize in designing processing lines based on the experience of our engineers.  We carry out complete projects of processing plant equipment, from arrival of the fish with various systems, through receiving it in buffer tanks, unloading system, pre-sorting the fish, inspection conveyors, both in the automatic system and with the human check.

We deliver fish sorting systems (including building a roller sorting machine), all of the individual sorts are carried out by an automatic system of belt conveyors so that the operator can feed the fish in individual sorts to individual water tanks using the RSV system so as to superchilling the fish. The next stage, depending on the type of fish catch and the specifics of the final product, is either feeding the fish through belt conveyors directly to the weighing system (control) and the freezing system, both in horizontal and vertical cabinets from different suppliers, or on processing devices (de-head removal). , gutting, skinning, squeezing stuffing) from world producers such as Baader, Marel, Arenco as well as for devices that are our production (deheaders, gutting machines) and after this treatment, the finished product is packed in cartons on horizontal cabinets. The next stage after freezing is the full range of feeding and packaging systems (film, cartons, strapping). We build both automatic and manual systems and cooperate with companies such as AFAC, STRAPEX etc. The packed fish product is sent to the holds for storage via (automatic) conveyor systems and the discharge to the deck is made either by means of elevators or by means of automatic chutes. Of course, in the entire technological line, we also focus on the discharge of waste both to the fishmeal factory and to the spigats (after crushing with shredders, e.g. by GIETECH Germany). Our company also deals with the preparation of the electric installation system for the processing plant with full automation, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic systems, or water supply to individual devices.

We deliver following devices;

·         receiving tanks, both buffer tanks with a hydraulic unloading system

·         buffer tanks with unloading conveyors

·         belt conveyors with modular, PVC, mesh or roller belts

·         roller sorters

·         screw conveyors

·         pre-treatment equipment (evisceration, removal of head)

·         pre-freezing weighing systems, finished product weighing systems, flow weighing

·         all types of processing tables

·         inspection conveyors

·         freezing systems

·         packaging systems

·         systems of transport to the cargo hold

·         product distribution systems in the hold

·         refurbished secondhand machines from Marel, Baader, Arenco, Cabinplant and others