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FHF-XB is a system made up of processing modules installed along an overhead conveyor.

FHF-XB produces a wide range of breast meat products (with and without back meat, with and without tenderloins) for retail and industrial customers.

The FHF-XB system is fed with front halves with wings or at least their inner joints left on. This allows eye meat to be harvested and maximizes yield. The system will cut whole wings into individual wing joints. These are harvested separately.

The system also harvests valuable by-products such as skin, crop fat and breast tendon meat.

High hourly capacity, unbeatably high yields and low manning levels set new standards in the kgs per man hour possible.


  • Overhead conveyor based system; layout flexibility
  • Modular; can be extended
  • Seamless integration into downstream trimming, bone detection and further processing operations


A basic system to produce whole fillets with back meat attached but with tenderloins harvested separately will be fitted with the following modules:

  • Wing stretcher
  • Neck cutting/trimming module
  • Wing skin incision module
  • Breast skinner
  • Back skinner
  • Neck fat removing module
  • Back meat separation module
  • Wishbone removing and shoulder joint cutting module
  • Fillet/wing harvesting module
  • Tenderloin tendon cutting module
  • Tenderloin separation module
  • Breast tendon harvesting module
  • Carrier washer

For lean half fillets, the following modules should be added:

  • XC fillet trimming module
  • Fillet halving module (with or without tenderloin attached)

For harvesting back meat separately from the breast fillet, the following modules should be added:

  • XC fillet trimming module
  • Back meat harvesting module

Where the system is fed with front halves with the whole wing left on, the following wing cutting modules can be added:

  • Wing tip cutting module
  • Wing second joint cutting module